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Matcha Brain Boost

Green smoothie

Matcha Brain Boost


½ apple

1 tsp matcha

1 tsp locally grown honey


Dash cinnamon

*4 oz Greek vanilla yogurt

*6 oz almond milk

*1/2 c ice

Apples contain high levels of acetycholine, which improves sensory perception and reduces anxiety. This healthy choice helps your body break down ketones, which uses the brain cells as fuel. Also packed with vitamins B6, Vitmain C and a healthy dose of potassium and fiber.

Nutritional Information: 222 calories 14 Protein 25 Carbs 1 Fat


* Not included in delivery; options

Recommended -30 calorie vanilla unsweetened almond milk. Options of choice also include: water/cashew/coconut/skim milk)